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    Protected Shared Workbook (XL2000 SR1)

    A colleague opened a shared and protected workbook using the password, made some changes, then saved the wb using the save button. She then wanted to reprotect the wb, however the only option available on the ToolsProtection menu is Unprotect Shared Workbook, and selecting this gives Unprotect Sharing for which the password does not work.

    We can close and reopen the wb without the password.

    We cannot delete unused empty sheets in the wb.

    We can copy and paste the wb's only sheet to another wb and protect this.

    Help I'm way out of my depth as I've never used this part of XL previously

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    Re: Protected Shared Workbook (XL2000 SR1)

    I'm not 100% sure what you're trying to accomplish but I'll give you my assumption and you can tell me if I'm right or not.
    I think you're talking about two different things. Let's say you create a brand new workbook and share it for everyone to see. You can protect this wb so that people will need a password to be able to make changes. You do this by clicking File...Save As...Click the Tools option in the "Save" window and choosing General Options. Here you can put in a password to open the file and/or a password to modify the file. Let's say you enter 12345 as a modify password. This means when someone opens the file they will have the option of typing in 12345 or choosing read only. If you type in the password and make changes to the wb you do not have to go through the same steps to save with a only have to press save and the same password protection will remain in place.
    Therefore your colleague does not have to go back and put password protection in again, the same password will still be there protecting the wb from changes.
    When the file is already open and you choose Tools...Protect (or Unprotect), this is used to protect the cells in the wb from having data entered into them. Right click on any cell and choose format cells, then select the "Protection" tab and uncheck "locked". When you use Tools...Protect and protect the sheet the cell that you formatted will be the only cell that will accept data. This is very handy if you require a user to input data and you want to make it "idiot proof".
    In other words the file that your colleague used is still saved with a password and to make changes to those password options use the Save As method I described above, not the Tools...Protection method you were trying.
    Perhaps a bit long winded but I hope this helps.

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