Whenever i have a second instance of IE open (IE. popup, a new window etc...) I cannot close the second window, and the first window stops responding. I can get around the stops responding issue, by either closing the second window (in the case of a pop up) or close the primary window (in the case of me opening a new window from a link).

any thoughts? I uninstalled, reinstalled win2K SP3, IE 6SP1, and deleted all the temp inet stuff - defraged - I thought it might even be the gator stuff that Kazaa uses, removed & reinstalled that - it fails with and without Zonealarm running....also removed & updated Adobe reader too.....not sure what triggered it in the first place. My next step might be to uninstall IE 6 and install IE 5.5 and see if it goes away.

Thanks! <img src=/S/bouncenburn.gif border=0 alt=bouncenburn width=31 height=31>