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    Word2k Problems Linking/Embedding from Excel 2k

    Our law firm uses primarily WordPerfect 8, but also Word 97 and Word 2000 on Windows 95 and 98 end-user machines. I have recently noticed problems with Word 2000 documents which contain links to Excel 2000 spreadsheet objects (both graphs and spreadsheets).

    <Note: We are running SR-1a.>

    1) If the Excel document is saved to a network drive, when the Word document is opened (without having Excel or the linked documents open), the user receives a message that the file for the linked object cannot be found (but the file is there). After repeatedly clicking OK on the dialog box, the Word document will eventually open. However, if the Excel document is saved to the hard drive, the user does not get this error when the Word document is opened. Also, if Excel and the linked documents are opened BEFORE opening the Word document, there is no error message.

    2) Spreadsheets linked from Excel 2000 to Word 2000 do not print out correctly - instead of the spreadsheet, one of the other linked charts is substituted in the same area as the spreadsheet, causing a garbled printed mess. (The charts print out fine).

    <Note: #2 may be a problem on an individual machine rather than a general problem.>

    This is the only thing we've been able to find even remotely dealing with troubleshooting linking/embedding problems, and it doesn't cover this error:

    Has anyone experienced this? Are there any known problem with linking objects in Office 2000 that anyone knows of?

    Thanks for any assistance that you can provide.

    Brian & Dede

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    Re: Word2k Problems Linking/Embedding from Excel 2k

    I have a question for you. Are you using a DMS (document management system). If so, which one and are the excel files in the DMS or they saved another place on the network?
    I have seen problems like this before. I also work in the legal environment, and have thought that it has to do with some of the custom software we have. Let me know if you have any other custom software like SoftWise, Legal Mac Pac etc.

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