My wife has lost one of the best features of XP - the printing capabilities within the My Pictures folder. She used to go to that folder and its subfolders, view her photos in list view, select them randomly using the CTRL key based on a notes of file names (many photos appear to be exact matches but they vary in quality), and then clicking on Print these pictures in the left pane. Suddenly, the Print and View a slide show functions disappear as soon as she selects a photo. The only way she can retain these functions is to use the thumbnail view. But that view lacks the file names she needs, and thumbnails do not reveal picture quality differences among similar images. We do not know how to get the funtionality back, or why it disappeared. Any ideas on this?

Her GUI seems to be a strange mixture of XP and Classic features. These probably result from various tweaks of the Start meny, Desktop properties and Tools|Folder choices. There are so many ways to manipulate the "look" of XP that it begs an IT style journal of individual entries to remember the trail one took.