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Thread: Windows 2000

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    Windows 2000


    Much oddness this morning. I have a user who's Taskbar is showing a button named "olemainthreadwndname" as an active program. When the button is clicked as if to maximize the program window nothing happens. You can find this running in the Task Manager and end the task. However, when the machine is rebooted it's back. I can't find anything in the system start-up pointing to this and a 'clean boot' doesn't help. Roughly 1 minute after a clean boot the button/program appears again in the taskbar.

    While this doesn't appear to do anything harmful to her system, tho she claims it's a bit slower, I'd like to solve this as soon as possible.

    She's running Win2Ksp2, Off2K, Norton AV, and Citirx Metaframe Client. She also has an HP5490c scanner and HP 4000 printer attached. Pretty simple system.

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    Re: Windows 2000

    Try this link, other wise a google search turns up a number of references;en-us;q209381 <img src=/S/cheers.gif border=0 alt=cheers width=30 height=16>
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