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    Help! Word 2000 Formatting Watermarks

    Help! I need to insert and then format two graphic files (one for documents that need a "draft" watermark, and one for documents that need a "file copy" watermark.) I cannot do this using a Word 2000 recorded macro because the Advanced formatting features are grayed out. What I'm looking for is some guidance (sample code?) which outlines the steps and methods to achieving this. I'm thinking the steps are as follows:

    1. Open header in existing document.
    2. Insert graphic file (draft.jpg, for example.)
    3. Convert the graphic to an inline shape.
    4. Set the horizontal and vertical alignment to centered.
    5. Set the wordwrap (wrapformat?) to none (so that text does not wrap around the object, instead it is displayed in front of the graphic shape.)
    6. (Is this necessary? -send the graphic to the back.)
    7. Set the picture format to watermark so that it is greyed out in terms of color.

    As I said, I've looked on various sites, including this one for some sample code to get me further along. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Re: Help! Word 2000 Formatting Watermarks

    My suggestion is...

    Put the image on the page how you want to and then select it and turn it into an Autotext entry.
    Now record a macro which opens the header and inserts that autotext.
    Andrew Lockton, Chrysalis Design, Melbourne Australia

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    Re: Help! Word 2000 Formatting Watermarks


    A very simple idea--I didn't realize that you could put a graphic into an autotext entry. When playing around with it I realized I couldn't get Word to replace the text with the graphic when I typed it, but when I recorded the process in the macro and then played it back, it worked as needed.
    Thanks for the idea!


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