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    Autocorrect entries

    W97 -

    I have a user creating autocorrect entries in word.
    When closing out of word - normally a message will appear mentioning that has been changed & if you want to save changes.

    This message does not appear
    as a consequence her autocorrect entries are being lost & she is having to recreate autotCorrect entries each day
    which isnt very efficient.

    Does anyone know why this may be occurring OR
    can you suggest alternative solutions?
    Does anyone know where the autotCorrect entries are stored in/to Word or Office?

    Essentionally I would like to obtain the autoCorrect entries & move them from file to file if thats possible.

    TIA Diana

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    Re: Autocorrect entries

    Hi Diana:

    There are 2 issues that may or may not be related. First, autocorrect entries are kept in .acl files. Do a search (click taskbar, press F3, & type *.acl) for those files. It could be that they are corrupt on her machine. Autocorrect entries are NOT part of a template.

    The fact that she keeps getting a message about being changed could be the result of:
    1. A deliberate change (e.g. style, Autotext, etc.)
    2. A macro running, esp. an AutoExec macro.
    3. An add-in that runs a macro or makes a change.
    4. A virus
    5. A corrupt or registry Data key.

    By the way, she should keep the option to prompt to save on.

    I would try the following, in this order:

    {By the way, the easiest way to find a file or folder is to click the taskbar, press F3, & type the filename or folder name you're looking for. Save this search by going to the File menu & choosing that option. You should save your frequent searches or put shortcuts to them in a folder on your desktop.}

    1. Open Word & immediately close it. If you don't get the prompt, it could be that the prompt is caused by something that the user does.

    2. Open Word & open a file. Don't make any changes. Close Word. If you get a prompt that didn't occur with Step 1, it could be a virus checker.

    3. Close Word & rename to See if that helps. If not,

    4. Start Word from the command line (Start/Run) & type "winword.exe /a" (no quotes)

    5. Check the startup folder. Rename or move everything out & see if that helps. If it does, bring them back in 1 at a time until you find the culprit.

    6. Run a virus scan (you could do this first, but the other causes are more likely).

    7. Lastly, if you may need to delete the Data key. In Word 2000, it's at

    HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftOffice9.0WordDat a

    In Word 97, substitute 8.0 for 9.0.

    First, backup the registry (user.dat & system.dat). Second, record a macro (just double click the "Rec" button on the status bar) & make a change in Tools/Options on EACH of the tabs. Do the same for AutoCorrect (the different tabs). Save the macro as MyOptions or something similar. Now, you can rename the Data key (with Word closed). When you restart Word, it will rebuild it. See if you're problem goes away.

    You can now run MyOptions macro to restore many customizations. Your will have your Autotext entries, styles, toolbars, & macros (if you had any). Your other templates contain your other customizations.

    Good luck.

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    Re: Autocorrect entries

    Hi Diana,


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    Re: Autocorrect entries

    Phil and I were having a small private conversation regarding the Data value (I know, I know, shame on me). Being the wonderful WMVP that Phil is, he suggested that I post the following so that all may benefit:

    Changes/Corruption in the Data key won't prompt the save of This automatically updated in the Registry.

    - The Settings value of the key contains global user preferences not stored in Some of the preferences are those found in Tools/Options, AutoCorrect dialog box, MRU Lists (File and Address), etc.

    Deleting (renaming is preferred) the Settings value will reset the options back to the factory defaults.

    Note that the actual preference for whether or not the File MRU list displays is found in the WordOptions key along with a few other misc items. Those can be easily reviewed since they aren

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