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    On Open in Form (Access 97)

    I have several form/subforms that I want to open to a blank record On Open. The forms have a combo box look up and the subform has the related records. On some forms the combo box does not clear when Opening (or closing I guess). And, on some of the forms the combo box is cleared but the detail from the last subform remains. What is the command I can use to always have the forms open "blank".

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    Re: On Open in Form (Access 97)

    You should be able to run a short VBA routine to set the value of the combo box to Null when the form opens, though we usually set it to a first record based on the sort sequence of the underlying record. If you do that, you should not get any records showing up in the subform - if you do then their linking needs to be looked at, or you have Null in the link. Another trick we sometimes use is to set the data source for the subform, and for the linking values on the subform control at the time we load the form, or when it gets focus.

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