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    Single Character Space Fractions (WinME; OXP SP-1)

    Word will automatically change the three keyed 1/4 and 1/2 to values that display and print in a single character position. Can other fractions be formatted to appear in like manner? If so, how? Are there any limitations (i.e., the denominator must be a single digit, et al)?

    Help is useless. Format/Font doesn't shed any light on this.

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    Re: Single Character Space Fractions (WinME; OXP SP-1)

    Word is substituting an actual character for three characters - that is, the fraction 1/2 has to 'exist' within the font.
    For most fonts the fractions only do 1/4's but in extended Arial for instance all the 1/8's are there too.

    You could get Autocorrect to convert all of these e.g. setting "1/8" to be substituted by 1/8 (the symbol character)

    Alternatively, you can reformat any fraction by using superscript and subscript fonts e.g. <Super>3<Super>/<Sub>8<Sub>.
    These too could be set as Autocorrect entries up to the limit of your patience.
    An alternative using the optional office equation editor.

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    Re: Single Character Space Fractions (WinME; OXP SP-1)

    Fractions have been a common topic in the Lounge. You might review some of these threads to see if the suggestions suit your needs. Better yet, how about reviewing them and then replying with a brief evaluation of which ones work best. <img src=/S/smile.gif border=0 alt=smile width=15 height=15>

    From the Word board:

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    From the VBA board:

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    Um, very long thread with lots of useless chatter but interesting macro ideas.

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