Started to put this on IE thread, but it involves more than the browser. I have always been fond of using Ctrl+N to open a new window for different purposes in XP or Office, and when you have an information pop up come up on a site, say the one on MacFixit--(I know this is a Windows thread) I like to take the Window and hit Ctrl + N to give it an IE toolbar. I have noticed lately, and for reasons I hope people will help me with, this could be site specific or even web page design specific.

What happens on this site, and some others is that all of a sudden your CPU hits 100% clock time use and stays there as a straightline. This causes freezes, or the system crawls like it's badly wounded. My first trouble shoot was to go after processes I didn't need that XP gives you (average 38-41 on boot)--I knew I had msconfig minimized--and kill the processes and open windows one by one and use a Black Viper type trouble shooting approach with my processes. Even after I killed nearly every process and closed every folder and window, I still had a straight line, freezing, and partial graphic shots of windows . Finally when I got to the Ctrl+N window I had made of the pop-up on the site, and killed it, I got my CPU resources back.

Does anyone know what's taking place here? It only happens on certain sites--for example Dell has a lot of those and you can confer IE toolbars on them and make pages out of them all day and it won't cause this.