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    Automatic Backup (V2K SR1)

    For reasons beyond belief, I work with a company that does not perform nightly backups. They haven't done one server backup since June and have no plans to do them in the future.
    I have an front-end interface and a back-end data file on the server. I want to back up the linked tables nightly bit am uncertain of the best approach.
    Here is my first thought:
    When the last person closes the front-end at the end of the day, the front-end exports the linked tables to a separate file in a separate folder. If I base the code on time of day, it will keep this from happening every time the last person closes the database. Does this sound crazy or is there an easier way?

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    Re: Automatic Backup (V2K SR1)

    Depending on the version of Windows being run, you could use the Windows scheduler to simply copy the back end to another location at a specified time. There was some discussion of this approach within the last few months, so you might try a Lounge Search.

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