The sequence of posts chopped from the thread entitled Search Comp. can't find favicon.ico folder (Win XP Pro) was removed because of <!rule=16>Rule 16<!/rule>....flooding the Lounge.

Defrag: I don't like making this a public issue but I have thus far been unable to communicate effectively with you via private message. I want to clearly iterate a few points for you here because all other attempts to politely handle this have met with hostility and no action.

<big>Regarding flooding:</big> Starting on November 20, you began a thread on this post. DaveA and I both replied. This was then followed by a series of six (6) posts (five are visible in search as one was deleted). There were no less than three follow-up posts to Dave's, and then you then began another thread, which I removed for not paying attention to <!rule=16>Rule 16<!/rule>. You replied, and it was deleted. You then posted the exact same text, and it was again removed from the public boards. I encourage you to use the Search tool to verify this information if you do not believe me.

The start time was 21:57 EST. The end time of this saga was 01:25 EST. In the span of a few hours, you posted one thousand, five hundred twenty-four (1,524) words on the same or exceptionally similar topic. To me, six posts on the same topic topping out in excess of 1500 words constitutes flooding. Not to mention, it's just plain rude. Be respectful of the other members of this community, even if that means biting your tongue on occasion.

Now before you start replying to me in ten different ways telling me that I am wrong, please read the following from the Rules:
<hr>The Officers of Woody's Lounge have the right to remove, edit, move or close any thread for any reason or to ban any member and need not enter into discussion as to their reasons or justification.<hr>
You have been offered ample reasons and engaged in lengthy discussion for these actions. You have consistently ignored them, choosing instead to argue with anyone who doesn't see things your way. I do not believe that I am being unfair nor that you are being 'picked on' or 'singled out.'

Defrag, please read this sentence carefully: Any additional attempts to flood will be removed. If the thread consists entirely of replies to yourself, it will be locked and/or subject to deletion.

Lastly, let me reiterate that I did not want this to be a public discussion. The Lounge Private Message system is available in the event that you want to respond to irrelevant details within the posts that do not contribute to the original line of discussion in the future. I personally do not want to discuss it further and any PM regarding this matter will be ignored.

Thanks in advance for your prompt cooperation.