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    Annotations (2000 all Sr's)

    Here is an interesting question for you gurus

    In Powerpoint 2000 (and I assume others), you can annotate your presentation (whilst showing it) by using Ctrl-P. Now this allows you to make all sorts of wonderful notes and annotations to your marvelous presentation.

    My question is... Can I save these Annotations for future reference?

    I have tried musing around the menus and the help file and cannot see anything that would lead me in the right direction (not to be confused with comments, which really led me up the garden path).

    Any suggestions, or is this just another Microsoft Teaser!



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    Re: Annotations (2000 all Sr's)

    Hi James
    I have never used the annotation feature that you mention, but I have, on occasion, needed to capture things that were said during the presentation.
    I do this by using Meeting Minder (right click while in slide show mode). This (to me very powerful feature) allows the capture of things that were said during the presentation and also any actions that were handed out during the presentation..
    These are captured as part of the presentation with a new slide automatically being created for actions placed. It shows as the last slide of the presentation.
    Both minutes and actions can be exported to MS Word by clicking the Export button on Meeting Minder.

    So I haven't answered the question you posted, but I hope that I might have shown you an alternative method of doing the same thing.
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