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    A user has created an RTF file from another package and then opened this RTF file within Word 2000. In the RTF document she has an internet address in the format of etc. When the document is opened within Word this does not appear as a hyperlink. If I cut and paste the address and place it into a new word document it automatically appears as a hyperlink. Why is this and can I set up word so that all addresses when and RTF file is opened appear as a hyperlink.

    Thanks you

    Billy Low

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    Re: Hyperlinks

    Hi Billy,

    The creation of hyperlinks in a Word document isn't necessarily automatic.

    Usually they are created by typing (or pasting) if in Tools/AutoCorrect/Autoformat as you type and "Internet and network paths with hyperlinks" is turned on.

    However you can manually AutoFormat your document and turn Internet and network paths into hyperlinks if you use the Format/AutoFormat feature.

    Prior to running this you would want to take a look at the AutoFormat options (either in Tools/AutoCorrect or click the Options command in the AutoFormat dialog box) and turn off those formats you do not want applied. Personally I would turn off everything except the hyperlinks.

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