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    Visual Studio 6 on XP (6)

    I need to find answers to several questions regarding running Visual Studio on XP including

    Can I compile VS 6 on XP and run on 2000 or NT.
    Will I need to change code where API's are involved.
    Can I run VS 6 and on one XP install?

    I am sure this subject has be written about somewhere, by a non Microsoft source. Does anyone have an Idea where I start my research? Thanks.

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    Re: Visual Studio 6 on XP (6)

    1. Yes, you can. NT, 2k and XP use the same NT-based platform.
    2. The whole purpose of an API is to isolate implementation details from the application. An applications that does not follow the specified interface rules is likely to have problems when using a new version of a library implementing the API, or the application is moved to a different platform.
    3. Yes. It has been my experience that it is best to install Visual Studio.NET first, then VS6.0, but it can be installed in either order.
    4. Start yor search with Google

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