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    reports crashing since win2k conversion (access 2000)

    I recently upgraded my computer from windows 98 to 2000. I also upgraded from office 97 to 2000. I have an access db, originally written in 97 and converted to 2000 when i did the other upgrades. Since then, my reports have been crashing. ie. I open a report in design view. When I try to close it, access tells me that the "current code will be reset in break mode" by the action. Then, it won't let me close either that dialog, or the whole database. Does anyone have any ideas as to why this is happening? Do I need to reinstall windows? (I already tried reinstalling office 2k).

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    Re: reports crashing since win2k conversion (access 2000)

    This sounds like one of the common problems people have in going from 97 to 2000. A suggestion - instead of converting your database, create an empty 2000 database, and then import everything from the 97 database to the 2000 database. What you are seeing is some code that is running (in a loop in all likelihood) that you aren't able to break out of. I believe there were some fixes for this behavior in SR-1 for Access 2000. We still occasionally see it, but it is pretty rare with SR-1 or later. Let us know how you get on.

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