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    Forms, Reports

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    I hope I can explain this clearly enough...

    I'm trying to create a submissions database for an insurance brokerage. The purpose is to track prospective clients and their various lines of business, as well as individual exposures within that line of business. For example, one client might have a liability policy where the exposure is "sales" and the exposure basis is a dollar figure. However, the same liability policy could have multiple other exposures based on the nature of the business. I need to track the policies separately, because they can have varying effective and expiration dates.

    I've set up my DB as follows: tblCustomers, tblPolicies, tblPolicy Details. The relationships are:

    tblCustomers-tblPolicies 1:M
    tblPolicies-tblPolicy Details 1:M

    I have forms for input into the various tables that work fine. I now need to have a single form that will show me the prospect data, ALL of the polices and exposures at once, and be able to output that to a report where I can summarize each type of policy via functions (i.e., total of GL premium and sum of "sales" exposure, total of WC premium and "payroll" exposure, etc.). I'm completely stuck in both the query and form design, and I'm sure it's because I've put FAR too much thought into it.

    Can someone please bring me back to earth with this? Thanks![img]/w3timages/icons/nuts.gif[/img]

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    Re: Forms, Reports

    What you need is a subform that displays the individual policy records for each customer record on the parent form. When you say you need to have a single form, I suspect you mean that someone wants it all in one place like a printed list. Databases don't really work that way although you can get pretty fancy with a treeview control. Usually, if you provide a means to do pretty much the same thing, users will come around to accepting it. One way of handling this would be to have the policies appear in a continuous subform and have a button in the detail section of the subform that would popup another form displaying the information about a particular policy.

    As far as the report goes, group by the customer and then by the policy in the sorting and grouping dialog of the report. Put the customer information in the customer group header and put the policy fields in the detail. If you want details about each policy in the report, put a subreport in the detail after the policy fields. You don't need to include the detail records in the query behind the report, only the fields you'll use to link the subreport to the main report.

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