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    Up or Down arrow if text in cell (Excel xp)

    On the attached worksheet i need to concatenate an up or down arrow depending on a letter that appears underneath the cell and one to the left. Please see the explanation on the data worksheet.

    I need to write a formula or macro on the data worksheet since the "csv" worksheet will be updated by cutting and pasting to it every period. Thank you again for the help.
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    Re: Up or Down arrow if text in cell (Excel xp)

    I have to admit to being somewhat confused by your spreadsheet notation. It's not 'All Fools Day' is it?

    The following is a somewhat clunky, but working function for the FIRST test you want to perform:

    =IF(ISERROR(FIND("A",C2&C3&C4&C5&C6&C7&C8&C9&C10&C 11&C12&C13&C14)),FALSE,TRUE)

    This identifies if there is an "A" in any cell in Column C. If you need to refer to this test/formula several times, then you can put the formula into a single Cell, give that cell a name, e.g. 'ThereIsAnA', now in EACH cell where you want to perform this test, you can write something like:


    Replacing the TRUE/FALSE with whatever values/formatting is required.

    If you can try re-explaining some of the other tests you want to do, I'm sure there is a way.

    Hope this helps.


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