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    Save Directory (Word 97)

    When saving, different directories appear in the save screen.
    I want to be able to stay in one directory that I specify. Is that possible?
    The directory changes with the subject I am working on.

    Has anyone documented the logic word is using to choose the default for the screen?

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    Re: Save Directory (Word 97)

    <P ID="edit" class=small>(Edited by jscher2000 on 23-Nov-02 17:42. Replaced with Save As dialog.)</P>We've been using a document management system for a year, so my memory on this is a bit rusty. What I seem to recall is that Word will do roughly the following:

    (1) Suggest saving an unsaved document in the last folder from which you opened a document during the current session.
    (2) If you haven't opened any documents yet, Word will suggest My Documents, or whatever your personal documents folder path is.
    (3) For documents that have already been saved at least once, a Save As should point to their current folder.

    If you want to override the Save and Save As commands, that is fairly easy, but you have to come up with some handy way to get to the proper folder quickly before you start programming.

    When I used Word 97 and Netscape, I cleared out my IE favorites and created favorites for my most-used document folders but if you use IE, this isn't practical. You could, however, create a separate folder of WordFavorites within your favorites. That would add a click, but you wouldn't have to do any programming. See illustration below/attached.

    Hope this helps.
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    Re: Save Directory (Word 97)

    You can redirect the folder location pointed to by the My Documents "virtual folder". That would make it
    easy to get to a root Word folder.

    Right click on the My Documents folder (on the desktop), select properties and change the
    Targe Folder location to your folder of choice.

    As far as the default Word open behaviour is concerned, I second Jefferson's synopsis.
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