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    Complicated formula or macro (excel xp)

    I need a formula that if the value of the cell is a hyphen then it looks at the letter in parens in column A of the matching row and deletes that letter from the column one right of where it found the hyphen.

    For instance, if a hyphen appears in F15. In A15 there is a (N) at the end of the text in that cell. The N must then be deleted from G15. G15 has ABCNP in it so now it needs to be ABCP.

    Well, maybe a formula will not work and I need a macro to search the cells from A1:P50 to see if there is a hyphen in them and then delete the proper letter...

    Hope someone can give me guidance. Thanks
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    Re: Complicated formula or macro (excel xp)

    Hi There

    =IF(F15="-",IF(RIGHT(A15,1)=")",SUBSTITUTE(G15,MID(A15,FIND( ")",A15)-1,1),""),15),G15)

    <font color=red>Whoops... Typo... should read:

    =IF(F15="-",IF(RIGHT(A15,1)=")",SUBSTITUTE(G15,MID(A15,FIND( ")",A15)-1,1),""),G15),G15)
    <font color=black>
    In Cell G16, given your example, will work. i.e. In the cell NEXT (could be anywhere though) to where you currently have the text. There may be a neater macro solution, I'm not experienced enough to do that though. FIND is case sensitive, use SEARCH instead if you need to ignore case.

    Example win Excel 2K attached.

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