Can someone please help? (I posted this in the Lounge's Outlook forum a couple days ago, but nobody there seems to know.)

We're piloting Exchange 2000 for a campus that currently keeps its directory in an iPlanet LDAP server. When I use Outlook (2k or XP, any SR) in IMO to look up 'd lewis' on that LDAP directory, I get multiple hits (david, darrin, etc.). When I convert Outlook to CWM and look up the same item in the same directory via the Exchange LDAP service, I get no hits--the only way I can get a hit is to either use (a) last-name only, or ([img]/forums/images/smilies/cool.gif[/img] the userID as the search string. Since you can effectively only enter last-name or userID searches, it's either feast ('lewis' alone returns 45 hits--no fun to scroll through) or famine (if you knew the userID, you really wouldn't need the lookup...).

The LDAP logs reveal what's wrong: Outlook IMO converts 'd lewis' to the LDAP search string 'd* lewis*' (so does Mozilla, by the way); in other words, it globs all trailing whitespace boundaries, for a more accurate search. On the other hand, Outlook CWM/Exchange converts it to 'd lewis*', globbing only the bitter end of the string (check mapisvc.inf, and you'll see the relevant CWM expansion/search string). Since there's no 'D Lewis*' in our directory, no hits are returned. To add insult to injury, our directory stores middle initials, so even a search for 'christopher mackie' will *also* fail--because I'm listed as 'Christopher J. Mackie."

Of course, 'd lewis' works just fine in Exchange's internal lookup--*if* the 'd lewis' you are seeking happens to have an Exchange account. Unfortunately, for technical and political reasons the iPlanet server and the need to do external LDAP lookups aren't going away anytime soon. Therefore, a few questions: Why does this behavior change between IMO and CWM? Is it an Outlook setting, or an Exchange setting? How can we get Outlook to mimic its IMO behavior in CWM? I figure we must have misconfigured something in the Exchange pilot, but what?

BTW, I've also asked this question in every Microsoft public Exchange 2000 newsgroup that applies, and haven't gotten an answer (plus checking the KB, doing google searches, checking slipstick and the Exchange FAQ sites, etc.). I'm completely stumped, and the Lounge is my last, best hope. I'm hoping someone can either tell me how to fix it, tell me that it can't be fixed, or point me to where I can get an authoritative answer.