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Thread: MP3 ripper

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    MP3 ripper

    Can Windows Media Player 7.x rip (encode) mp3 files?

    If not, what do y'all recommend?

    I have Music Match Jukebox, but on my Win2K system, if I use it to rip mp3s, it subsititutes itself for the standard CD player. That would be OK, except that then an audio CD does not play automatically when I insert it!

    Also, any opinions on mp3 format vs. wma (windows media) format?
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    Re: MP3 ripper


    You may find this thread useful in your quest. I don't personally use WiMP 7, although it can be forced to rip MP3 audio. If you're interested in good quality rips of your CDs, I strongly recommend that you investigate Exact Audio Copy - and read the thread that I linked to also. There was a lot of good discussion in that thread about different methods and programs that can be used.

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