My name is Ronny Richardson. I am a college professor and I am currently writing a business statistics textbook for McGraw-Hill. McGraw-Hill would like for me to use as much actual data sets and real companies as possible in the examples and problems. I am having particular difficulty gathering business data sets for hypothesis testing examples.

I am hoping that some of you might work with data sets that you might be willing to share with me for use in this book. What I need are data sets from any area of business, e.g. production, marketing, economics, finance, accounting, and so on. Currently, I am looking for data sets to support confidence intervals and hypothesis testing on:

* Proportions
* Means
* Variances

I need data sets to support hypothesis testing on one, two, and three or more groups. The students will be supplied data disks so I can use either small or large data sets.

Particularly good data sets would be samples of production data from different machines or different shifts on the same machine where the machines are suppose to do the same work.

If you are willing to provide me with one or more data sets, I will give your organization credit for providing the data in the wording of the question. For example: