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Thread: Sound Files

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    Sound Files

    Is there a setting in Windows 2000 that a controls the playing of all sound files--.wav .midi,? It appears we have a room of computers that are unable to play sound. We have checked all the connections, volume controls on monitor, windows, etc. No other rooms but this room is affected. Any suggestions?

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    Re: Sound Files

    More information, please. Are there any conflicts in Device Manager? Is proper sound driver installed? Is there a speaker icon in the system tray? When you check Sounds from Control Panel, do you hear sample sounds from Preview? I presume from your post, that you have speakers integrated with monitors. Did you tried regular external speakers?

    If everything looks OK, the final suggestion is to move one computer from <img src=/S/devil.gif border=0 alt=devil width=15 height=15> haunted room to any other room and see will the music play ? <img src=/S/fanfare.gif border=0 alt=fanfare width=31 height=23>

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