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    Time In Excel (Excel 97)

    I am helping a swim team develop a data base using Excel. Swim times are in minutes, seconds and then tenths and hundreds. Example - 01:23.48 - One minute, 23 seconds and 48 hundreds. I have been unable to get Excel to accept this - it keeps wanting to make it a time on a clock (AM or PM). Is there a way to format Excel so it will accept this for what it is? And if so, would it then do calculations like the average?
    This is my first post so please excuse me if I have done this wrong. I am still reading the rules.
    Thanks for any help.

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    Re: Time In Excel (Excel 97)

    Hi Wahoo,

    Use a custom format for the cells:

    Excel will still hold the value as a time of day (shown as hh:mm:ss in the formula bar), but will display as you want in the cells. Now, a value of 01:23.45 will show correctly as that in the cell, and as 12:01.23 AM in the formula bar - hundreths of seconds don't show in the formula bar. Since times in Excel start from midnight, the 12 AM part is effectively 0hrs, which is what you want. So, math functions like additions, multiplications, averages etc will work just fine.


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