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    Large number of undeliverables (2000)

    Outlook is receiving several hundred returned e-mails each day. None of these are e-mails that have been sent. They just show up as returned. I have checked the machine for viruses with the latest virus definitions. Any suggestions as to how to go about stopping this?

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    Re: Large number of undeliverables (2000)

    There are several types of virus out there that spoof the sender's address - i.e. someone with your email address in the address book gets hit and they send out emails supposedly from you.

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    may give you more info on the sender. Quite often the Subject line may give a hint as to the original validity of the mail.

    Is there a specific reason for their return? No such user? Mailbox full? Several hundred a day still sounds a lot - perhaps you have an auto-responder bouncing back-and-forth...?

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