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Thread: Access problems

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    Access problems

    tfarringtion, I am have trouble with something in an older access database, I need to set up securities on a form switchboard, where on the switchboard itself I would like for 3 different buttoms to be gray out so that no one but myself can use them. What can I do?

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    Re: Access problems

    Hi Belinda,
    You don't indicate what version of database you are working with, but the switchboard wasn't used prior to Access97 if memory serves me correctly. Unfortunately, making changes to the standard switchboard is a fairly complex process if you want to change the way buttons behave. As an alternative, you might want to consider setting security on the objects invoked by the 3 buttons so that only you can run them. If you really want to tackle the project and are pretty comfortable with VBA, the folks in the forum would be more than happy to provide guidance and assistance.

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