A paranoid user showed me this today -- I was able to replicate it on our XP machine. Do you see the same thing?

Open Outlook. Open Word. Open Word's VBA. Arrange your windows so you can see your inbox and VBA at the same time.

With any Word document open, give it the VBA command "ActiveDocument.HasRoutingSlip = True" (probably in the Immediate window is best). Pretty standard stuff, right? Assuming you have a fairly typical configuration, you'll see the Outlook Security Update kick in. But if you watch the inbox, you'll also see a new message appear in the inbox.

If you choose "yes" to allow Word to have access to the inbox, the new message disappears. If you choose "no", then you'll get an error messagebox, and the new message will stay in the inbox. It's a tiny thing (only about 140 bytes), but it has to be manually deleted.

The paranoid user was understandably concerned when she ran my Document_Open macro, which called for a routing slip. She saw the Outlook Security message, chose 'no', and then saw the new blank message in her inbox.

Can any of you replicate this? Strangely, I'm not able to find anything about this in a Google search.