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    Lost Toolbars (2000)

    I am posting this on behalf of a different teacher who posted on our state tech list--so far no ones given him the answer he's looking for:

    I have a student that has completely lost all toolbars in MS Word 2000.
    He doesn't have any idea of what he did. I can't seem to figure out how to get any toolbar back. It doesn't matter what computer (all Windows XP) he> uses in the lab on the network, each one opens without a toolbar. I've tried to expand different areas (arrows) with no luck and use my right click but can't get any toolbar options to appear. I went to the help and every item choice tells me to click on something within a toolbar menu or right click a toolbar, which I can't because I have NO toolbar area to click on.

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    Re: Lost Toolbars (2000)

    Normally, problems like this don't travel around with a user; they are isolated to a particular computer. Do you use "roaming profiles"? If so, the most likely problem is some corruption in the Office portion of the central registry associated with the student. Please see Phil's <!post=star post #197827,197827>star post #197827<!/post> on the cleaning out your "data key."

    If you just want to try something quick and dirty, try this:

    (1) Press Alt-F11 to pop up the Visual Basic editor
    (2) Press Ctrl-G to pop up the "immediate" window
    (3) Paste the following command into the immediate window, and press Enter at the end of the line:

    CommandBars("Menu Bar").Visible = True

    If that works, use View|Toolbars to recover the others.

    Hope this helps.

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