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    Dynamic range in a Pivot Table (2000 - SR1)

    I would like to build a pivot table report from data pulled from an external (Oracle) database using MS Query. The number of rows in the data will be variable from day to day. This is a list of the number of new reports assigned to a series of different entities. The entities will change, depending on whether they have new reports that day, and the number of reports for each entity will change from day to day.

    I had thought to pull the data into a named range in a spreadsheet, and then reference the named range in the pivot table. Currently I select the range manually for importation into the table, but I would like to automate the process.


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    Re: Dynamic range in a Pivot Table (2000 - SR1)

    MSQuery should provide a name for the Data it returns, which you can use for your Pivot Table. On the worksheet that contains the results of your query, press F5 and check for range names like Query_from_xxxx, where xxxx is the name you assigned to the data source.

    Andrew C

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