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    Keyboard in Outlook (Any)

    Several times each day I have to do this exercise on spam: Alt T J Enter Delete, which adds the sender to the junk list and then deletes the spam. I would like to assign this task to one single key. As far as I have found out, I need to write a macro (can do that, I suppose) which does it. But the main problem is to assign that macro to a key. (Again, this can be done according to MS support web with a lot of tweaking). Has anybody out there managed to do this, or will I have to be the first one out on this task.

    I haven't written a macro in Outlook before, and my VB experience is rusty. Woody taught me to program Word many years ago, and I have been happy with that since.

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    Re: Keyboard in Outlook (Any)

    I read a tip on this, from Sue Mosher ( I think, but it's a bit limited. You assign the macro to a toolbar button, give it a caption rather than a graphic, and assign a speedkey that doesn't conflict with any other button or top-level menu. For example, &Junker. You then can "click" the button using Alt+J. Not aware of any other method in Outlook.

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