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    Group mail (Outlook 2002)

    1. I send a lot of group mail either by selecting a group or dragging box around contacts in the address book. About two weeks ago this feature quit working. OL shows the
    mail as sent, but no one is receiving my email...nor to I get any mail returned as failed. For couple of months I was getting a lot of lockups from OL, I would simplyclick
    on new mail to open it, get "Not Responding" form OL, and have to "End Program". I would simply try to open a contact to update the a persons file, and it lock up. Some
    one told me that OL 2002 doesn't get along well with Norton Sys I removed Norton, and things were better. Number of times I ran "Repair" for the program
    with no results.

    2. For the mean time until I could fis my group mailing problems in OL, I went back to Outlook Express for group mailings. Guess what...I have the same problem with
    Outlook Express, nobody receives my emails??? My ISP swears there is nothing wrong on their end. I can send regular single new email with no problems.

    3. Normally for reformatting purpose I export my OL contacts to an Access file for import after fresh install of win XP Pro. I have removed OL twice, and Office XP twice, and
    when I open OL 2002 Contacts for the first time...all my contacts are there as if I never uninstalled the program. I delete all Office folders, and removed everything pertain
    to office in the registry, but still old contacts would be there upon a fresh install of OL.

    4. After formatting my hard drive and fresh install of OL 2002...I import my Contacts from an Access export form OL contacts. No matter how I setup OL in options
    under "Contacts", OL always imports names as "Last, First", when I want contacts listed as "First, Last". Anyone have the answer to fixing this.

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    Re: Group mail (Outlook 2002)

    Re: #2, if you send such a message with a BCC to yourself, do you get your message?

    Re: #3, if you migrate your personal folders (.pst file) after you reinstall, your Contacts folder will still be there. It's hard to imagine any other way that the data could magically appear from any other source. But then, I don't use either of those XP products. You might try deleting all the Contacts from your .pst and re-importing them from your Access file (after making a good backup, of course).

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