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    Org Chart Problem (2000 SR-1a)

    I've just done an org chart (v 2.0) in a Word 2K document. All well and good.

    But when I try to edit it, approx half of it disappears on opening. Boxes are disappearing in level 2 and some of the styles are changing too. Closing/reopening Word has no effect - and copying the org chart to a new document hasn't either. <img src=/S/mad.gif border=0 alt=mad width=15 height=15>

    Is there a way out of this other than redoing the bits that go missing?

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    Re: Org Chart Problem (2000 SR-1a)


    Unfortunately, I do not have an answer to your problem, <img src=/S/ranton.gif border=0 alt=ranton width=66 height=37> but I have found that the Organisational Chart used in Word and PowerPoint, is one of the most useless features I have ever come across in Office. <img src=/S/rantoff.gif border=0 alt=rantoff width=66 height=37>

    Have you thought about using the drawing toolbar to make an organisational chart? You have a lot more scope for creativity and for charts other than the rigid corporate structure provided by the Org Chart. This is what I do:

    Create a text box based on the person with the largest name and title, this way you will have identically sized boxes,
    Format the text box and fill the background as white, (or what ever colour you want)then copy the box to the correct position on the chart. (Hold the Ctrl key down and click drag and drop to quick copy)
    Connect the boxes together with line draw and format the order of the line as Send to back, so it doesn't matter if you are over into the box as the white or colour fill covers the line anyway.
    Change the names and titles as necessary.
    Group all the object together.

    You can do all this a h*** of a lot faster than messing with the organisational chart.

    Good luck

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