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    Multiple Exchange Servers

    I have a complex environment that includes two totally distinct Exchange Servers. From Outlook 2000 I find I need two different profiles and I need to logon to one server per profile in order to check incoming mail. For reasons I won't go into I cannot auto-forward all email from one server to the other.

    I'd simply like to have two "Services" configured for Exchange Server in my one profile (I have multiple POP3 services no problems).

    Anyone know a trick to do this? Will Outlook XP eXPerience this limitation too?

    Thanx, Peter!

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    Re: Multiple Exchange Servers

    you need two profiles or access the second using pop (leave mail on server) or OWA, if the admin enabled it. XP has the same limitation - one exchange site per profile, but offers IMAP, giving you an additional way to connect to multiple servers. (i've been connecting to two for months using the XP beta, with one as IMAP.)

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