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    Checkboxes in continuous forms (XP/2002)

    I am working on an Inventory/PO system. I have a form that creates a Purchase Order (PO). I now want to receive the PO. I do this by popping up a form (frmReceivePO) with a subform (frmReceivePODetails). One of the fields in tblPODetails is a checkbox, PODetailReceived. There is also a check box in tblPO called POReceived.

    I want to be able to do 2 things here:

    1) When you click POReceived, it changes all the PODetailReceived in the continuous subform to make them True,


    2) When you have clicked all the PODetailReceived, it changes POReceived to True.

    I've tried counters, and ANDs and ORs but I just can't seem to get this one.

    Any help is greatly appreciated. . .


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    Re: Checkboxes in continuous forms (XP/2002)

    What do you want to happen when the user unchecks the POReceived check box? Should all the PODetailReceived check boxes in the subform be unchecked?

    I don't know your system, of course, but I would advise not to store POReceived in tblPO. It is derived information which you can get from a query. You run the risk that the value of POReceived gets out of sync with the values of PODetailReceived.

    I would recommend using a command button to check (or uncheck) all PODetailReceived check boxes at once.

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    Re: Checkboxes in continuous forms (XP/2002)

    Where are you doing the setting of these flags?
    In the BeforeUpdate of the Main form, I would see if the POReceived flag was set and if it's different from the original value of this flag then set all the PODetailReceived flags.
    In the BeforeUpdate of the SubForm, I would check if the PODetailReceived flag has been set (by checking with the orignal value) and if so, do a dcount to establish if only 1 of the PODetailReceived flags are clear, then set the POReceived flag.

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