<img src=/S/hello.gif border=0 alt=hello width=25 height=29> I want to share a lesson just learned regarding OL 2000 and multiple POP3 accounts in case others might be having the same problem.

I use multiple POP3 accounts and have OL check them on a regular basis. When I force a check, OL dutifully displays the message about checking and delivering messages for each POP account it checks. I didn't realize there was a problem until I didn't get an important message - found out a week after the fact. <img src=/S/hmmn.gif border=0 alt=hmmn width=15 height=15>

Found that while looking and setting options that I had inadvertently set the option to use encrypted passwords for a system which doesn't support it. <img src=/S/stupidme.gif border=0 alt=stupidme width=30 height=30>

Why didn't I find out there was a problem before now? <img src=/S/ranton.gif border=0 alt=ranton width=66 height=37> Microsoft doesn't report error messages returned by POP3 servers such as "Bad Password." As a matter of fact, no error message was reported! <img src=/S/rantoff.gif border=0 alt=rantoff width=66 height=37>

Lesson - double check all settings carefully whenever you make any changes to system settings. M$ may not report any problems.

jgh <img src=/S/smile.gif border=0 alt=smile width=15 height=15>