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    sw prototyping tool

    Hi all,
    I'm looking for a sw tool that lets me build a demo/prototype of a large program I'm about to start desgining. I know about RoboDemo ($2100) and DemoShield ($785) but haven't used them. <img src=/S/broke.gif border=0 alt=broke width=31 height=23> They appear to be used to demonstrate an existing piece of software (like creating tutorials) but I want something that helps me prototype an idea that is interactive. It will help me make various proposals of the GUI to others so we can decide on its look/feel before the coding starts.

    I know I can use VB to create a GUI quickly (w/no real code behind it) but was wondering if there are better things out there. I need to final product to look like Outlook in that there are several panes/frames of icons or items that when selected cause other frames in the same window to change their contents. This is for a financial modeling tool so it will output charts, graphs, tables, etc. based on financial info the user provides.

    Thnx, Deb <img src=/S/bummer.gif border=0 alt=bummer width=15 height=15>

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    Re: sw prototyping tool

    RoboDemo and DemoShield, like the ViewletBuilder software from Qarbon, are highly flexible screen recorders. You could use them to build up a demo from static screens that don't really do anything, but if you want something more functional, you will indeed have to look elsewhere.

    Since you have VB, you might check VB tools sites (e.g., for a good interface package that handles all the multiple-pane windowing with two-way wizards. Even if you end up throwing away the code, if for a couple hundred bucks you can save weeks of meet, re-do, meet, re-do, it might well be worth it.

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