Our laptop, running XP-Home, has begun to prompt us to 'Add New Hardware' when there isn't anything new to add. Specifically, we have a Xerox M940 Workcentre (combo printer/fax/scanner) that has been installed on the laptop but is not regularly plugged in (via USB). A couple of times now we have plugged the printer in and had Windows want to install this 'new' hardware. Sometimes a reboot will set it right, other times it remains stubborn. One of the difficulties is that the drivers that came with the printer were not XP-compatible, but the Xerox site did have an untested/unsigned-by-Microsoft updated driver which we did install and which usually works without this new hardware prompting. What could be causing Windows to think that this is new hardware? I don't believe that it should make a difference which USB port we plug the printer in to, or even if it is plugged in before or after starting the computer (though sometimes the printer needs reset to establish communication).

I'm hesitant to let the wizard run, since we do not have the install file saved locally - it had to be run from the Xerox site since Windows didn't recognize it as a valid executable and wouldn't run it after downloading.