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    Averaging rows where data is in every other cell. (Excel 2000)

    I am reposting for anyone else out there that may be able to help on this situation. I am trying to average the number of call made per day. The problem is that I have additional columns with calculations in between each of the days so when I try to average a column, I cannot skip certain cells (in this case, the ones with percentages) and only count others for an average. Also, I want to NOT count those days that do not have anything, or include a "0" which means that that person was not here that day. Any suggestions? I've had one reply but we cannot get the averages to work around (not include or look at ) the columns that include a percentage.

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    Re: Averaging rows where data is in every other cell. (Excel 2000)

    See my corrections under your original post <post#=202554>post 202554</post#> . Does this do it?


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