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    Word Keeps Installing - OL Freezes (WXP - Office XP)

    I have been using Office XP for some time, but a while ago something strange happened. Now, after a reboot, the first time I use Word, it sends a message saying that it is installing Word. I then have to wait about 45 - 60 seconds before a word screen appears. I've checked, and Word is supposed to be installed on my computer, and I'm never asked to insert a disk. Also, I've had consistent problems with OL freezing when I click on SEND. Word recovery in invoked, and I never lose anything, but it sure is a pain in the neck.

    All help appreciated. And, yes, I have run the Setup program and told it to fix and repair. I have Pro in both XP and Office, and even first installed Standard. I'm at a loss.


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    Re: Word Keeps Installing - OL Freezes (WXP - Office XP)


    I sympathise - I managed to get mine to do the same thing - but for every office product. I couldn't find anything on MicroSoft support sites other than soft soothing useless advice for how it will work perfectly.

    Eventually I fully deleted Office (registry keys and all) and re-installed. It only took me four reinstalls to get it right. For what its worth - here are my assumptions of what was happening. <img src=/S/scratch.gif border=0 alt=scratch width=25 height=29>

    Office is designed to allow standard installations across a network, and to 'install features' to clients that were not originally installed from the 'network master'.

    For some inexplicable reason the installation has decided that the machine is holding the network master copy as well as an individual client version. Accordingly, on startup it is 'installing' the features.

    Sadly it doesn't have enough intelligence to remember that it has, and does the same thing all over again next time. I suspect that it has something to do with a multiple user setup on the machine - but who knows. Certainly, when I reinstalled I checked out each individual user and found their 'copies' behaving wierdly. I eventually reinstalled from the account of every user of the machine.

    I'd lay bets on registry keys which are not set correctly. Perhaps there is a better way than reinstall?

    If not - the other trap I fell into was using the MicroSoft Update site to redo SR1 and SR2. For each re-install I had to redo this at the cost of yet another long download (56K6 modem). I eventually went to the Downloads site and downloaded them once to my hard drive and then re-used them to my heart's content.

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