We are running Exchange 2000, SP2.

We have been looking at setting up policies to delete mail by age and have run various "Report only" tests to see what space would be freed up.

Whilst we analyse, we have turned off all Mailbox Manager settings, i.e. "unticked" all the boxes against all the folders. To ensure I hadn't missed anything I ran Mailbox Manager again also with "Report Only". However, the report advised that, even though Manager should not have been checking for any mails, it had found several, in different mailboxes that it wanted to delete (about 9 messages across 2000 mailboxes). They are all messages bigger than 1Mb and all appear to be in "odd" folders, like Mailbox root and Outbox.

Obviously, we do not want to put a deletion policy in place without being sure that it is going to do exactly what we expect. Can anyone throw any light on this