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    Headphones (XP home)

    I feel like a real idiot even asking this but just can't seem to figure this out on my own. How do you turn off the speakers and only send audio through the headphones? My new Dell system has a headphone jack on the front of the computer. I foolishly assumed that (like on other devices such as a radio) just plugging in the headphones would shut off the speakers. Not so. I opened up the volume control utility, activated all available controls, and fiddled with the mute settings. No luck. Any suggestions?

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    Re: Headphones (XP home)

    Zeno ~

    I know my way around the sound pretty well and have not encountered the external speakers not cutting off once headphones plugged in so I am unable to figure settings that might work around your problem.

    However, on two Dell machines, one Optiplex and the other a Dimension series, if the jack is the improper mm size or not securely snapped all the way in, then the external speakers will remain on. If these are new headphones, perhaps try making sure it is inserted all the way to the hilt - sometimes new 'phones will need a little force the first few times to be fully plugged in.

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