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    Merge query result with email addresses in outlook (Access 97)

    I tried to search for related topics but did't find what I am looking for.
    I have a Access database that keeps track of Trainings undertaken by different employees.
    Depending on parameters given by user I will genrate a list of employees....Till now its ok
    Now the user wants me to merge this list with the outlook address him a outlook new message window ....when he presses send, the emails should be sent to all the employees in query result.


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    Re: Merge query result with email addresses in outlook (Access 97)

    If you do a search on this forum (Access) for email you will find several threads dealing with similar topics. In a nutshell, you can send email from Access using the SendObject command, or you can do automation and create an email in VBA. In your case that might be the best solution as you want to send one email to a number of people and you would simply step through the query recordset to concatenate the email addresses into the TO field. This latter approach will let him review the email and decide whether to send it or not - the SendObject command is pretty automatic however. Hope this helps - if you need further clarification please post back.

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