I have an architectural type drawing that I have made. I drew it on 2 different pages, one going in a landscape direction and the other in a portrait direction. It's an L shaped building. I also set it up for 11 x 17 paper but when printing am forcing it to print each sheet on 1 8 1/2 " x 11" page. I don't have a large printer and didn't want to tape it together, I can blow it up on the copier after it is printed.

Everything looks fine on screen but when I print it, one page prints correctly and the other is really condensed to fit the page. Is there a way that I can have mixed printing, similar to Word or do I need to have these as 2 seperate projects? If I do that, can I link them together, so that when I print one, I can print the other. Hope this makes sense. Thanks for your help.