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    Home Directory not mapping

    Hi, I wonder if someone could possibly help me. We run NT4.0 SP6a. I have a user with a laptop running Windows XP and his home directory is not showing as being mapped. When I check his profile in User Manager the "Home Directory" part of the dialog correctly has the Z drive (our pref) set up for the home directory location. However, when this Z drive mapping does not appear on the laptop. We set our users' personal address book files to look at the home directory, and in the meantime I have set this manually. This used to work so I can't understand how it would suddenly vanish. I have checked Technet and can't make head nor tail of it so wondered if any of you good people could offer any advice. I will keep searching the lounge and google in the meantime.

    I look forward to anyone's help.

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    Re: Home Directory not mapping

    Laura, Used to work. Do you mean before XP? Do you have XP SP-1 installed? Take a look at this MS KB article:;en-us;305293. If that does not help try a logon script that does the mapping instead of the home directory setting in the profile.

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