Sorry if you've seen this kind of post a million times before, but I'm having problems with some users' Roaming Profiles not sticking. Some users are getting the following message:
"Windows cannot update your Roaming Profile. Possible causes of this error include Network problems or insufficient security rights . . ."

If this happened for everyone, I could believe that I'm doing something wrong, but the settings are the same for every user (including mine), and I don't get this message, but others do.

Of course, I've added the path into AD's Profiles Tab (and copied from my profile to each users, replacing my name with %username%, which AD then updates. Obviously the path and such are working, and if I look in the Profiles Folder, I can see everyone's profiles in there (so they HAVE been copied across to the Server), yet it's obviously not updating, hence the message.

Is this a know bug in AD, i.e, works for some but not all?

I've setup NTFS permissions, but I've ensured that Authenticated Users, etc, are given permissions. I've even resorted to giving 'Everyone' Permission to the Profiles Folder, but this hasn't helped either. The message still appears whenever a user shuts down.


Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated!! [img]/forums/images/smilies/sad.gif[/img]