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    Error Message: Format too complex (Word 2002)

    Has anyone seen the following error message :

    "The Formatting in This Document Is Too Complex. Please Full Save the Document Now"?

    I've checked the MS Knowledge Base and came across article 292174 but the user assures me that line numbering is not in use in his document. The document is close to 1 MB in size and has a lot of tables and colourful charts. The problem is that Word 2000 handles the document fine but when the user opens it up on his home pc which has Word 2002 the above mentioned error message pops up and Word freezes. (note: we haven't given any consideration to upgrading to Word 2002 and so I have no idea what compatibility issues may exist between the two versions. Also, I have read the thread on complex scripts and will have the user check his language settings.)

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Error Message: Format too complex (Word 2002)

    The expression "Full Save the document" implies that it was not really being saved. Could one or both of the PCs have the "Fast Saves" option enabled? If so, turn it off or risk irreversible corruption. It's a bad thing.

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