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    Charting Advice (Excel 97 to 2002)

    For the Excel Forum

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    Please let me describe the situation and then the question...

    I have a set of events that happen on a daily basis, call them events A through H.

    I chart these events per day of the month, over a 12 months rotating period.

    I have a column chart where for each day, a column will represent an event, and how many ever events happen that day, well that is how many columns I will have.

    I have the rows 2 to 367 represent the days of the Months, and then columns B through I represent the events. Column A will have the dates, and Row 1 will have the Column Headers.

    So each cell in the range B2 to I367 will have an event in it, or it will represent an event. The data is coming from an AS-400 mid mainframe using ADO and VBA to add the values up and set them into a worksheet where the data range get further manipulated.

    Now comes the problem. A request has come up and it is going to require a radical change in the above design. <img src=/S/boxedin.gif border=0 alt=boxedin width=25 height=20>

    They want to see sub events within each daily event. So if we are talking about event A, which is a cumulative number, now they want to see what that cumulative number is made up of. So if Event A happens on Day 1 then it will have a value of say 6, and the 6 is 0.5 + 4 + 0.75.

    I am, now, to chart the 0.5 the 4 and the 0.75 in what I am thinking of as a Stacked Chart for each day.

    How do I rearrange the data so that I can make this as painless as possible? I do understand that Excel does some funky stuff with Stacked charts, such that the first stack and the second stack may not be consecutive or in adjacent cells

    Any one has any ideas? Any better approaches?

    <img src=/S/thankyou.gif border=0 alt=thankyou width=40 height=15> in Advance.

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    Re: Charting Advice (Excel 97 to 2002)

    If I understand completely, It sounds like you will either:

    Need multiple subgroups of A-H (the number of subgroups will equal the number of subevents you want to plot), Cols A-H, I-P, Q-X, etc


    Cols A-E subevents 1-5 (event "A")
    Cols F-K sub events 1-5 (event "B")


    Multiple events per day in groups
    Row 2 - 367 total (not plotted)
    Row 368 - 733 subevent
    Row 733-1098 subevent2


    Multiple lines per day
    row 2-6 day1 event 1-5
    rows 7-11 day2 event 1-5 etc

    Or each sub event on a separate sheet


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