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    Smart??? Tags (XL 2002)

    In Excel 2002, if you enter '22 into a cell or if you use the Format | Cells | Number tab to format the cell as text and then enter a number into that cell, then you get a little green tag on the left, a tool-tip, and a pop-up menu telling you that you have formatted a number as text. What are these little green tags called? In VBA, how can you select all of the cells on a worksheet that are flagged with the "Error Tag" (that's the name that I made up) set to "number formatted as text." They are not in the new SmartTags collection as I thought that they would be. TIA --Sam
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    Re: Smart??? Tags (XL 2002)

    Sammy, as you correctly deduced these "inconsistent" or "error" tags do not belong to the Smart Tag feature.

    I do not think that you can selectcells containing the indicators through VBA, but you can set what can be included by using the Application.ErrorCheckingOptions


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