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    Go to a cell based on selection from listbox (Excel 97)

    I have a couple of tables in a worksheet and rather than making buttons for each table with a caption 'Go to next' or 'previous', I would like to have a list box (or combo box) where the user can select (the listbox should be populated with the content of various cells, each one being the a title for the respective table) which table to jump to.
    Is there any way I can do this, with or without a macro?


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    Re: Go to a cell based on selection from listbox (Excel 97)

    The easies solution is probably to create a series of hyperlinks in cells. Enter a descriptive text in a cell, then select Insert/Hyperlink. Leave the top (File/URL) box empty, and type the address of the table you want to jump to in the lower (Named Location) box. If the table is in a different worksheet, include the sheet name, e.g.

    'Another Sheet'!C5:F20

    If you want a combo box, have a look at <post#=188299>post 188299</post#> by sdckapr. Steve has attached an example to that post.

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